Durable and stylish roof system with slates
Being 100% natural, slate roofing is an environmentally-friendly roofing option that is certainly worth considering. Available in various sizes, thickness and colours, these provide a visually pleasing result and last for years without much fuss on the maintenance. These hard-wearing natural slates are easy to mould to various architectural styles and their waterproof and fireproof features only add to their popularity.

A cheaper alternative, with the visual appearance of a natural slate, is the light weight option of a man-made fibre slate. We have the ability to repair an original slate roof, or re-cover if it has nail decay, or if the slate has come to the end of its useful life. You can be confident that with our vast experience and knowledge, we will do the best option for your roof, and your budget.

At R & J Roofing , we have a selection of slate roof tiles that each come with a 10 year guarantee. Call us on 01383 432 498 to arrange a consultation. We also work on tiling, flat roofing, roofline and chimney and leadwork projects.